iBooks Now at 180 Million Downloads

Apple held its quarterly conference call with investors this week, and as usual it dropped a few hints about how the company is doing.

We were told yesterday that iBooks had seen 180,000,000 downloads since it launched in April of 2010. Note that these are downloads, not sales, so we don’t really know how well iBooks is doing (it’s rumored to have 10% of the US market). There was also no dollar amount attached to the announcement, so it’s difficult to estimate the revenue that iBooks is generating.

But Apple has also said that it has sold 40 million iPads and over 200 million iOS devices. This would mean that Apple is really only seeing an average of less than 1 download per device. Perhaps it’s not fair to measure Apple’s success in this manner, but it is also inevitable. Apple will only offer the vaguest hints of how iBooks is doing, which means there is very little data to hang a story on.

Perhaps Apple should follow its competitors and avoid exact figures. What do you think?