I Wonder How the iPhone Object/Face Recognition Will Work?


One of the interesting features introduced in iPhoto 09 for the Mac is its “Faces” feature that can recognize face shapes, lets you associate names with faces, and is able determine that same face again in a different photo. It isn’t perfect though. For example, I’ve read anecdotal evidence that iPhoto 09’s Faces features can recognize cat faces but not dogs. And, I can verify that it can’t recognize at least one rabbit’s face in various photos.

UnwiredView and other sites have been talking about Apple patent applications for even more object recognition features. But, this time the feature is coming for to the iPhone instead of its more powerful Mac siblings…

Next in your iPhone OS: live object identification, face recognition, text filtering, smarter messaging, voice alteration

I’m not really convinced this is going to do some of the things speculated in various articles and blogs. Even Faces on the much resource richer Macs can’t recognize, for example, the face of a child in various ages from toddler to teenager (I tried that with my family photos). On the other hand, those engineers at Apple are a resourceful bunch. So, I’m looking forward to trying this feature on the iPhone one of these days.