“I Feel Fishy, oh so Fishy…”

theatre_masks.jpg…I feel fishy and dishy and gay!
And I wishy
That this blog could be a Broadway play!
(la la la la la la la la la la!)

And suddenly, just like that, all our showtune dreams seem within reach: today’s NYT brings us an account of the first-ever staged rendering of a blog, striking fear into Elizabeth’s heart about the sudden very real possibility of Fishbowl!The Musical.

We need time to craft new lyrics to “Blog Every Mountain,” “I Could
Have Blogged All Night” and “If I Only Had A Blog” but in the meantime we would be highly amused if you sent us your inspired casting choices for blogs and bloggers in your favorite Broadway musical (okay, now we’re picturing Andrew Krucoff with “24601” tatooed across his chest).

But seriously. Make us giggle. And because we’re feeling giddy, we’ll extend your talent pool to include your favorite media types who are blogged about. Bring us peace, bring us joy, bring us bloggery! We can’t wait to see what you’ve got. We know, you’re excited too; if you were a blog you’d go ding dong ding dong ding.

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