I.D.‘s Last Hurrah

Following up on last month’s sad news of I.D. magazine’s closing, along with editor Jesse Ashlock‘s eulogy and the surprising info Stephanie reported on yesterday of sister publication Print‘s uncertain future, our pal Penelope Green at the NY Times was on hand earlier this week at the Half King bar in Chelsea where a group that included former employees and admirers of I.D. had gathered to pay a last tribute to the now deceased, greatly revered magazine. Green reports that the evening found anything but a sad state of affairs, with I.D. lovers crying into their beers. Instead, it was like a proper wake should be, with lots of designers and writers celebrating what had been and continuing to blame publisher F+W Media for its closure. But above all, Green paints a rosy picture of what sounds like a fun night and it makes us happy to see that the magazine was able to go out on a more positive note than before. Here was our favorite part:

…the evening’s unofficial M.C., Michael Bierut, a partner at the design firm Pentagram, endeavored largely unsuccessfully to adjust the microphone to fit the varying heights of the successive speakers. “A classic fallacy,” Mr. [Phil] Patton said later, “turning to a graphic designer to solve a product-design problem.”