I-B-C on V-I-D-F is G-O-O-D

If you don’t check in with Industrial Brand Creative’s site on a very regularly basis, well, we just don’t have time for the likes of you. Reason being is things like their new feature on the Vancouver International Digital Festival. It’s chocked full of info on the fest and although we’ve never been, in reading over the rundown, it sounds like the kind of thing we’d love to attend next year. Because it’s Canada, which, let’s face it, is infinitely cooler than anything in the US (we’re sorry fellow countrymen, but it’s true), the VIDF sounds like a mix between RESFest, SXSW, and, maybe a little bit, of the HOW conferences, but with all the best parts taken out and put together, missing all the clutter, downtime, and the repetition of the obvious. It’s heavy on the video and music stuff, with a bit of web thrown in, but whatever they’re doing in those departments, you’re likely able to transition some ideas over into your neck of the woods.