‘Hypothetical Development Organization’ Dreams Up Hypothetical New Architecture for New Orleans

Following the success of his “Significant Objects” project, the man behind Murketing and all the best, funniest lines in Objectified, Rob Walker, has kicked off something new and equally as captivating. Called the Hypothetical Development Organization, Walker and co-creators Ellen Susan and G.K. Darby, are trying to create “a new form of urban storytelling” in New Orleans by having realistic renderings made of new buildings to stick onto old, abandoned establishments that have fallen into disrepair. The great, clever thing is that none of these renderings will likely ever be built — they’ll always just be renderings of what could be. There won’t be rules for what can be conceived of, thoughts about how commercially viable a project might be in real life, or even concern for physics or where the building materials would come from. We love the idea and if you think it’s a good one too, the group has set up a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to help give the project a push toward completion.