Hybrid Design Gets Apple Pro’ed


We love them Apple Pro profiles but we really like them when they feature people we’ve already discovered over here, ’cause it makes us feel like, for once, we know more than Apple. Case in point: UnBeige faves Hybrid Design, the husband and wife team of Brian Flynn and Dora Drimalas. “Two styles, three businesses” is how the SF-based firm is hyped in the interview (although we count more like six–see for yourself).

As you immerse your brain in the hyphenates that make up Hybrid (Nike-branding, vinyl toy-making, decorative pillow-printing, zany book-selling, zine-producing is only like 26.5% of what they do), be sure to enjoy this pullquote we find ourselves gravitating towards:

“It really comes down to making things you think would be fun to do. Well, what’s stopping you from making them? It’s just a matter of following through.”

It’s as simple as that.