Huntsman Daughters Chat With Dinosaur Larry King

Larry King’s Hulu-based series Larry King Now couldn’t sink any lower after his recent girl talk interview with MSNBC’s Meghan McCain — even if he added another 40lbs to his guest. You can only go up from there.

Elizabeth Huntsman, daughter to former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, posted the above photograph to Facebook yesterday in which she and her sisters, Mary Anne and Abby, pose with the inevitably gropey King. The caption reads “Just had quite an entertaining sit down with Larry King! Will let everyone know when it airs.”

Let’s hope it went better than McCain’s. An excerpt of her interview via Business Insider:

“I’m a single woman. I’m very blonde. I own my sexuality and the kind of life I live which is not a common thing for a woman in America, let alone in Republican politics,” McCain said. “I think I represent something new, which is a reflection of the fact that they represent something dying.”