Fans May Soon Be Able to Take the Hunter S. Thompson Ride

This time next year, the journalist's home in Woody Creek, Co. is slated to be open for visitors.

Today is Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday.

To mark the occasion, Den of Geek has re-published – for the third consecutive year – the 2013 birthday tribute written by Tony Sokol after “taking half a tab.” And earlier this week, Newsweek culture writer Gogo Lidz shared the details of her recent visit to the Woody Creek, Colo., home of Thompson, where his widow Anita still lives. The plan is to open up the house next year as a part-time museum:

Visitors, maybe five or fewer a day, will be allowed to book tours online for free. Hunter’s cartoonist friend Ralph Steadman set up a memorial fund to bankroll tours for Thompsonphiles who pass Anita’s vetting process. No souvenir shop, so don’t get your hopes up for a Steadman coffee cup.

Anita says she might even fix visitors the same breakfast she used to make Thompson. There’s another really interesting tidbit in the Newsweek article. Anita says she recently sent “800 boxes” of Thompson’s writings and related documents to Johnny Depp, who intends apparently to make them available to scholars.

[Photo of Anita with Thompson courtesy: The Gonzo Foundation]