Hulu on an iPad? Technically Possible, But Apple Will Never Allow It

There are some apps and features we will probably never see on the iPhone:

– Tethering: This would kill iPad 3G sales
– Adobe Flash: This is just a bad thing. Please keep it off the iPhone
– Firefox mobile: I want this just to use the Delicious plugin. But, Apple probably won’t allow an alternative browser

Then, there’s the app that would be interesting on an iPhone and probably awesome on the iPad that will probably never appear on either platform: Hulu – the stream TV show and movie service (free for now). Yet, hope springs enternal because at least one TechCrunch writer believes…

Hulu Could Still Launch On The iPad

Hulu faces two major hurdles on the iPhone and iPad:

1. It is Flash based. So, a custom app would need to be written for the iPhone/iPad. This is probably not difficult. But, if it were written, it would face hurdle #2
2. It is unlikely Apple would allow and app in the App Store that directly competes with iTunes.

Hulu on an iPad would be nothing short of awesome and much desired. If WiFi-only iPads could be tethering to a iPhone or any other 3G phone, it would be a great travel companion. But, I’m not expecting to see it on the iPad.