New York Times Magazine Uncorks Fabulous Hugh Hefner Profile

CatherineOpieNYTMagPhotoAfter spending some time in Los Angeles before Christmas with Playboy potentate Hugh Hefner, Charles McGrath proves via this weekend’s New York Times Magazine that you can freshly report on a man who has been covered and tweeted about ad nauseum. Beginning with a killer lede:

Hugh Hefner already has his final resting place picked out and paid for: a crypt next to Marilyn Monroe’s in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Not that he has plans to use it anytime soon.

There is so much to like in the February 6th article “How Hef Got His Groove Back”, from the mention of Hef’s baby oil lathered skin that “glows in the dark” to a stock analyst’s cold-hearted opinion that the 84-year-old’s death “could result in a material stock-price uptick.” And that’s just in the first five paragraphs.

Writer at large McGrath has delivered an iconic item for Hef’s scrapbooks, anchored in various delightful explorations of the man’s innate contradictions . It seems almost criminal that the piece is available in its entirety, free, online. The New York Times recently announced a limited Web access plan, but for instant classics like this, we think they should take it one step further: cut off the Web version after the first page and tell readers the entire hard copy will be available this weekend.

P.S. Be sure to check out The Girls Next Door producer Kevin Burns’ theory shared towards the end of the article as to why the E! show was so popular with women ages 18 to 34. Classic.