HuffPost’s Impact Kicks Off 12 Days Of Giving To Needy Families

HuffPostImpact.jpgTwo months since the launch of The Huffington Post’s socially conscious vertical HuffPost Impact, the do-gooder section has announced a new project, “12 Days of Giving,” tied to the holidays and the traditional season of giving.

Our sister blog WebNewser has the scoop:

“The Huffington Post teamed up with social-action network Causecast on 12 Days of Giving, which will use HuffPost’s Impact section to tell the stories of 12 individuals and families in need and the nonprofit groups dedicated to helping them, as well as offering readers a way to help.

The first installment, which debuted Tuesday, tells the story of how 48-year-old Norris Cooper sacrificed Christmas with his family after his release from jail in order to avoid the bad influences of his old neighborhood.”

Upcoming needy families promise to include a mother who is still trying to rebuild her house four years after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and a former Marine who is working to support those with brain injuries. Each story will feature a way for readers to give directly to the cause, keeping in line with Impact’s original concept of connecting HuffPost readers with worth causes they could donate time and money to.

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