HuffPost Reverses Decision to Cover Trump as Entertainment

Trump is an "ugly and dangerous force in American politics."

On the heels of Donald Trump insisting that he would ban all Muslims from entering America, The Huffington Post has decided to reverse its decision to cover Trump as entertainment.

Over the summer, HuffPost said it would group all Trump coverage under entertainment instead of politics because “Trump’s campaign is a sideshow.” That is no longer the case.

In a note, HuffPost president and editor in chief described Trump’s campaign as “an ugly and dangerous force in American politics.”

“As we’ve seen in the Republican race so far, Trump’s worst comments don’t occur in a vacuum — or land without repercussions,” continued Huffington. “They affect the tenor of the conversation, frequently moving the line between what’s considered mainstream and what’s considered unabashedly extreme and unacceptable. So we’ll not only be covering the ways Trump’s campaign is unique in recent American politics, but also the disastrous impact it continues to have on his fellow candidates — and the national conversation.”