HuffPost Editor Needs a Spanking

When you’re name is Michael Grass, it’s nearly impossible to resist invoking the expression “your ass is grass.” And since it’s his birthday — and trust us, he wants you to know about this special circumstance that happens to everyone about once a year — we’ll try our best to refrain for just one day. After all, he is founding editor of HuffPost DC, which ranks right up there with “Khloe and Lamar” and Lindsay Lohan‘s new Lifetime movie (actually it doesn’t, but we have high hopes). As one reader put it, “the least useful, least creative local website around.”

Forget it, we’re succumbing to temptation. Grass, whose ass might be grass tomorrow or later today if he’s lucky, took to Facebook to solicit birthday wishes from friends and followers and just about anyone who might take pity on him and say Happy Birthday! Sadly, not even Washington’s birthday guru Mike Allen of Politico saw fit to wish him a Happy Birthday — shockingly Philip Seymour Hoffman and Monica Lewinksy beat him out. Who knows, there’s always tomorrow….maybe a Birth Week or Belated Birthday nugget for Grass? (Psst…Grass, just a hint, but you may want to snuggle up to your colleague, Jon Ward, if you want a Playbook mention.)

On the obnoxious scale, this hits the jackpot. For that, perhaps Grass deserves a spanking?

Happy Birthday Grass! No doubt if no one remembers how special this day is, you’ll be sure to remind them. Now, let’s all join Grass in a round of “Happy Birthday to me!”