HuffPost Creates Rainbow Avatar to Support Gay Marriage

HuffPost is coming out of the closet today to announce its stance on gay marriage. In case you couldn’t guess this one, they like it. They’re in favor. So they went so far as to change their social avatars to this colorful rainbow getup.

We hear all HuffPost employees will be required to dress in some form of rainbow clothing for the remainder of the week. (And yes, of course, we’re kidding.)

The official announcement comes from Tiffany Guarnaccia:

Good afternoon,

With the marriage equality movement and news of Prop 8 sweeping the web, The Huffington Post is now openly, and socially, voicing its support for marriage equality. Reaching out to let you know that we just changed our social avatars have been changed to the below. See the new icon on Twitter and Facebook pages.

For reference, our recent coverage of Prop 8 can be found here and on HuffPost Live here.  Please let me know of any questions.

Thanks, Tiffany


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