HuffPo Writes To Newspaper Guild’s President, Gets His Name Wrong

The Newspaper Guild recently launched a campaign urging Arianna Huffington to share her $315 million windfall by paying contributors. In the spirit of open dialogue, Huffington Post spokesman Mario Ruiz responded to the campaign with a letter to the Newspaper Guild president. It was good of HuffPo to reach out, except Ruiz inexplicably addressed Guild president Bernie Lunzer as “Bill.”

The HuffPo CC’d Poynter media blogger Jim Romenesko and requested that he publish the letter in its entirety, so we can all see it. Lunzer’s response is included after the jump.

From: Mario Ruiz
Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 9:43 PM
Subject: huffington post pr reaching out
To: [Bernie Lunzer]

Dear Bill [sic],

As SVP of Media Relations at The Huffington Post, I wanted to reach out to you as we’ve become aware of your campaign targeting HuffPost for being unfair to journalists. We couldn’t agree more with your goal of ensuring journalists are paid for their work. It’s why HuffPost has 143 editors, writers, and reporters on our edit team. But we feel there’s a critical distinction between our editors and reporters and the people who contribute to our group blog.

While we pay our editors and reporters, we don’t pay for the opinion pieces submitted by our thousands of bloggers. The vast majority of our bloggers understand the value of having a platform that reaches a very large audience. People blog on HuffPost for free for the same reason they go on cable TV shows every night for free – because they are passionate about their ideas, want them to be heard by the largest possible audience, and understand the value that that kind of visibility can bring (the visibility of being on HuffPost has led to our bloggers being invited on TV to discuss their posts, to paid speeches, to book deals, to a TV show – Greg Gutfeld claims he was offered his Fox show because of his writing on HuffPost). Our bloggers can choose to write for HuffPost – or not write for HuffPost. They can write as often as like they like or as little as they like. It’s both wrong and offensive to insist that HuffPost is exploiting journalists.


Newspaper Guild president Bernie Lunzer’s response:

From: Bernie Lunzer

My first name is Bernie, not Bill – so I’m not certain if you intended this message for me.

We continue to have great concerns about the HuffPost model and its long-term effect on journalism. I am not at all surprised that you see it as a simple matter.

If at some point HuffPost desired a conversation, we would entertain the offer.

Bernie Lunzer
The Newspaper Guild-CWA