Huffpo Takes Down Cenk Uygur Blog Post

Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks and paid contributor at MSNBC has been blogging at Huffington Post for five years without incident. This morning he woke up to an editors note about his post “Was Jared Loughner’s Act Political?” It said that his entry had been removed from the website.

A spokesperson for Huffington Post tells FishbowlLA, “Our goal has always been to avoid inflammatory posts, as well as those that seek to make connections that are not supported by the evidence. Since Saturday’s tragic shootings, all of our editors have been alerted to pay extra attention to our policy. We love having Cenk’s voice as part of our mix and appreciate the passion he brings to his argument but, for us, this post fell outside our editorial guidelines.”

Inflammatory? Connections not supported by evidence? Here’s the post you can read it for yourself.

But why does the act have to be either psychotic or political? It’s obviously both. It was a psychotic act driven by his political beliefs. What’s so hard to understand about that?

This is an incredibly rare occurrence. We’ve only heard of one other time Huffpo has deleted a post for editorial guideline violations. Uygur wrote a pretty mild opinion piece that a political assassination was political. We asked Uygur what he thinks of being edited. “It’s their website, they get to make a call on it. But on this one I totally and completely disagree.” He is concerned that being too cautious and too careful could ruin the whole purpose Huffington Post serves in the first place. “They’re good in every other way,” concludes Uygur.

Read the piece? What do you think? Is Uygur wrong? Is Huffpo out of line?