HuffPo Reaches 4.5 million Visitors per Month, Up 472 Percent

Hey! Looking to increase traffic for your website? Try writing about the election (of course at this stage of the game, we’d be hard-pressed to name anyone not writing about the election). Anyway, looks like politics has paid huge dividends for both HuffPo and Politico, who, according to Comscore’s latest tally for stand-alone political blogs and news siteshave seen “explosive” growth over the past year. led among a group of selected stand-alone political blogs and news sites with 4.5 million visitors in September, up 472 percent versus year ago, while attracted 2.4 million visitors (up 344 percent) and saw 2.1 million visitors (up 70 percent).

Time, which recently relaunched its website, has also seen a big increase reaching 7.2 million unique visitors for September (up 79 percent year over year). It’ll be interesting to see what happens to some of these sites after Nov. 4 when much of that traffic experiences some sort of severe political news hangover and looks to other subject matter. Or not. There is, we suppose, the small possibility that this election has radicalized the population enough that Barack Obama really is the new Britney Spears and will continue to enjoy high levels of attention (presuming he’s victorious), but we’re not holding our breath.