HuffPo Prepares for 2010 Elections with Pollster, Jobs

Huffington Post will purchase, according to The New York Times. Pollster, which aggregates poll data, used to sit on the National Journal website, but the owners, YouGov Polimetrix sold the site to HuffPo for an unspecified sum.

According to Arianna Huffington, this is an attempt to bolster political coverage on the site, leading up to the 2010 election. It’s nearly 100 degrees hear in New York, and we’re discussing the November elections; it’s just a little hard to believe. But there’s also some good news in this for job seekers.
From the NYT story:

The Huffington Post, which recently debuted a newsletter devoted specifically to Capitol Hill, plans to add four new reporters to help cover the midterm elections, Ms. Huffington said. Politico and the National Journal have also been adding to their staffs in recent months.

The combination of an election year and, let’s just say, boisterous constituents and readers, most news sites will want to capitalize on the current interest concerning Washington. This will, hopefully, create more openings like these, as November gets closer.