HuffPo Internship Goes For $13,000

The winning bidder is a mysterious “ch2008” who will pay, as we said, $13,000 for a three month internship with the Huffington Post. Now the question is:

CH2008, who are you?

It’s a weird handle, to be sure, and somebody’s been spending the last few years registering on obscure social networks and forums under that name and then posting one or two times or not at all. See:
Ch2008 on metacafe
CH2008 on YellYo, a forum for musicians
Ch2008 on
Ch2008 on a dating site

If we trust The Interwebs, the winning bidder of the Huffington Post internship is a 57-year-old single tenor from Angola who watches a lot of, er, questionable videos on the Internet.

Obviously all this information is accurate. Someone want to start making a composite sketch?