HuffPo Gets Social with Meetup

The Huffington Post and the online social organizer Meetup have decided to unite in order to bring online readers together in a real world bar or restaurant every Thursday.

Calling the plan HuffPost Thursday, the two sites want to bring people together to talk about the stories in the news (presumably HuffPo’s news) and build conversation. “With one of the most active commenting communities on the web — over 3 million comments are posted every month — HuffPost aims to be a two-way channel for the news,” wrote HuffPo social news director Adam Clark Estes. “And while editors will blog weekly with some ideas for conversation starters, we want YOU to shape this program.”
It sounds like a decent idea, but does this mean bloggers and editors now have to show up to these events as well? Clearly, it will add a little more workload for the editors – based on Estes’s statement – but does this mean writers and bloggers now have to go drink with a bunch of know-it-all commenters?! Not too many reporters would embrace that extra job duty.
Ahem, not that it would be a problem for this guy. I would definitely show up to drink with all of the site’s readers, and would be happy to do so, since we’ve never had a bad comment on MJD.