The Huffington Post Has Just Passed the New York Times in Web Traffic

Update: Business Insider confirms the data from Comscore that Huffington Post has “zipped past the New York Times in monthly uniques,” and provides a chart showing the overtaking. They also add this provocative tweet from AOL employee Brad Garlinghouse: “Six years to disrupt 100 years.”

Has this apocalyptic event finally occurred? At, Adam Clark Estes reports that an anonymous Huffington Post editor said that the website passed in traffic for May. As additional confirmation, he points to Tony Conrad‘s tweet that “Comscore confirmed that traffic for May has surpassed traffic for first time — 35.5MM vs. 33.59MM.” We will update once we’ve heard the official figures from Comscore.

Of course, to a great degree this is expected after the New York Times paywall. But amid all the speculation this week of how the AOL-Huffington Post merger is crashing down on Arianna Huffington’s well-coiffed head, this is no doubt something she can gloat about, considering her long-standing rivalry with the Times.