Huff Post Launches New Video Series Fueled by Booze

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 15.18.25The new HuffPost Politics roundtable video series “Wait, Is This Thing On?” launched this afternoon and is set to explore current events, political news, and the latest issues on Capitol Hill. Quite possibly the best aspect of the program? Hosts and guests are encouraged to booze.

“Reporting and news commentary today is increasingly broken down into smaller and smaller bites,” said Sam Stein, senior political editor for The Huffington Post. “And while cable news segments and tweets certainly have their place, we kind of miss the extended conversation too.”

Stein went on to add that, ” ‘Wait, Is This Thing On?’ brings together top voices on a specific subject, sits them around a table, plies them with booze, and tapes what happens. The goal is to produce an unvarnished, enlightening, and generally fun talk about weighty and non-weighty matters. And if we don’t achieve that, well, at least we get free beer (thanks, Arianna!).”

Today’s first installment explores Obamacare, including the White House’s media strategy, cancelled insurance plans, and launch of Filmed at the Huff Post DC bureau, the launch is hosted by Stein and features HuffPost’s Jeffrey Young, Vox’s Sarah Kliff, Bloomberg News’ Alex Wane, and Kaiser Health News’ Julie Rovner.

The series is expected to be regular and in concert with the news cycle. Click here for the first installment of “Wait, Is This Thing On?” and don’t miss Young’s admission of enjoying a late night vending machine hot dog while covering the law.