Huff n’ Stuff, part 387: More Gutfeld, less women

Susan Estrich, where are you when we need you? There are barely any chicks on the Huffington Post (and yet Gutfeld’s totally sticking aroud. Amazing), according to Huffie Richard Bradley and anyone who’s looking. By his count, up to and including his post: “25 posts as of this writing. 22 men, 3 women.” (only 25 posts? We could have sworn it was hundreds). Arianna has to post, Gwyneth is still a no-show, and Danielle Crittenden seems to really want Hollywood to notice her. Meanwhile, Arianna’s “On The Blog Now” blurb up top trumpets 14 Huffies, all with testicles (you’ve got 14 candidates, insert the “prove it” testicle joke of your choice!). Gee, I guess it must be hard to find good ladybloggers. Wish I knew some.

Meanwhile, Gutfeld will either get fired or bumped to the front page within 24 hours, mark our words. Until then, his obsession with David Gergen (who is not even a Huffie!)continues, as he lists his fave Gergen articles and requests help from his readers: “Also, if you have any pictures of David Gergen, or if any of you might know where David Gergen works out, that would be really helpful too.” Somewhere, David Gergen is a little uncomfortable yet feels strangely alive.