HTC Wildfire: The Real Followup to the Nexus One

YouTube video courtesy of HTC
I’ve called a couple of recently released Android phones “the follow-up to the Nexus One”. And, the comments made sense at the time. But, take a look at HTC’s video of the Wildfire. Now, this phone really looks a lot like the Nexus One with a cosmetic changes.
While the Nexus One uses Android’s default graphical interface, Wildfire ships with an HTC tweaked graphical interface, a social networking tool called FriendStream, and a welcome new touch they call “polite ringer”. Polite Ringer reduces the ringer volume if you pick up your phone and mutes it completely if you turn the phone over and put it on a flat surface (screen down).
Despite the temptations of phones like the Motorola Droid X, HTC Incredible, and HTC WildFire, I’m planning to hold off buying any new Android phones until Android OS 3.0 is released later this year.