HR Braces For Next Disaster…?

You think you’ve laid off as many people as you possibly can. Maybe you’re right, and the layoffs are over.

But, asks Michelle Rafter, writing for Workforce, then what?

“A recession with no end in sight, an aging workforce filled with baby boomers who suddenly can’t afford to retire, Gen Y managers who aren’t equipped to lead in troubled times—it’s a confluence of circumstances the likes of which few HR directors have ever seen.”

Gen Y managers are used to leading by consensus, which doesn’t work, Rafter says, in times like these. And baby boomers who can’t afford to retire—well, that’s almost a bright spot, she writes, because “that will give organizations more time to avoid a brain drain and tap into older workers’ accumulated wisdom before they head off to retirement.”

And, the same line you’ve heard before still applies: now’s the time to start filling your recruiting pipeline with promising talent—maybe even hiring an editor or two— to be ready to bounce back with the economy.