HP TouchPad now $300 at Staples – This Weekend Only

If you’ve been thinking about getting HP’s second-rate 10″ tablet, now would be a good time. There’s a couple of coupon offers that you can combine to lower the price of the TouchPad by $200.

This weekend only, Hewlett-Packard is offering a $100 instant rebate. All TouchPad ordered through HP will cost $100 less than they did yesterday. This offer is also good at retil outlets and Staples has already confirmed that it will match that price.

Let me tell you how to get the other $100 off. There’s a coupon that you can download and print which will give you $100 off the TouchPad. This coupon is only good at Staples, and it’s only good this weekend.

I, for one, am going to pass. The TouchPad is still running what I would consider beta software; it’s unstable, slow, and you need to hack it to get the best functionality. But I’m also going to pass on it becuase there simply aren’t any apps to make the purchase worthwhile. Right now I can get thousands of useful apps on the iPad or an Android tablet; there are dozens of apps available for the TouchPad.