HP TouchPad Firesale to Return on Sunday

An email was sent to HP employees earlier this week announcing a new sale on TouchPads. This email of course leaked, and now everyone knows about the coming sale.

HP will be selling off the last of its TouchPad 10″ tablets on Sunday at 7pm eastern. You’ll only be able to find them on Ebay, and it looks like only refurbished models will be sold. But on the upside, prices will start at $99. There’s also going to be a $79 accessory bundle, which includes a case, charging dock and wireless keyboard. And the warranty will only be good for 90 days; clearly HP does not want to have to deal with these tablets anymore.

I wouldn’t necessarily expect to get one. This sale is going to be a feeding frenzy of immense proportions. Ebay will likely be barely accessible on Sunday and it might even crash entirely.

In other news Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP, announced that HP was planning to abandon webOS and would open source the OS. From now on the survival and future health of the TOuchPad and webOS based smartphones will depend on independent developers.

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