Howie Kurtz’s Secret Admirer…

Here in the Fishbowl it’s beyond rare to receive a note of praise for Newsweek/The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz. In fact, it hasn’t occurred since I started working here in December 2009. But this weekend an anonymous Fishbowl reader broke the spell and wrote in the following note of admiration. Since it is “anonymous,” one never knows if it’s the person himself writing in, but we’re giving Howie the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t write his own fan mail. Same goes for Current TV’s David Shuster, though we’re less convinced that Shu didn’t have a hand in this.

“Love, love, love Howard Kurtz’s F-you to NBC News this morning.  He and his guests trashed Chelsea Clinton’s hire, with one guest referring to NBC as the “Nepotism Broadcast Company.”.  In the very next segment, Howard brought on David Shuster to talk about political news. Shuster was smart and interesting, as always… not so subtly reinforcing the idiocy of NBC News. Kudos to Kurtz.”

Note to the admirer: If your feelings for Howie continue to grow, write us again. Within the confines of good judgment, we’ll print it.

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