Incest Desk: Is Howard Kurtz Getting Too Cozy With Daily Download?

HuffPost media writer Michael Calderone investigated the writing habits of  Howard Kurtz and something curious has emerged. Some of Kurtz’ Daily Beast colleagues are baffled about why he’s spending so much time promoting another Daily site. This one, the Daily Download, where Kurtz sits on the board, instead of his other employers, Newsweek-The Daily Beast and CNN. Lauren Asburn is Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Download. She’s also a Daily Beast contributor and appears often on Kurtz’ CNN program. Are things getting just a tad incestuous?

In a story published Wednesday afternoon… Calderone cites damning stats — “In April, Kurtz tweeted over 120 links to Daily Download, around 20 links to The Daily Beast and even fewer to CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources,’ the weekly media criticism show he’s hosted since 1998.” He quotes Kurtz’s colleagues who don’t understand why Kurtz is putting infinitely more promotional effort into Daily Download over the other, presumably bigger hands, that feed him.

“There is a lot of gossip here about his connection to the Daily Download,” one newsroom staffer told The Huffington Post.

Howie’s defense to Calderone is pretty weak. Oh, he works too hard? Isn’t this what you say in job interviews when they ask what your greatest weakness is?

Calderone writes:

“When told that some of his Daily Beast/Newsweek colleagues had questioned the amount of time he spends on Daily Download, Kurtz replied: ‘I work a zillion hours a week.'”