Howard Stern to Hold Beauty Pageant for Tiger’s Mistresses

Got to hand it to Howard Stern. He sure knows how to milk a controversy like no one else.

This week, Stern announced plans to host a beauty contest for Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses with a grand prize of $100,000. According to The Times of Britain, contestants will face off against each other on March 10, in no less than three categories: “Swimsuit,” “Personality” and “Talent.”

Four of Tiger’s alleged mistresses have signed up, but their identities have yet to be revealed. TMZ reports that Tiger’s numero uno mistress Rachel Uchitel isn’t allowed to participate due to her legal settlement with the golfer. Her friends are negotiating with Stern’s people to figure out if a cardboard cutout of Uchitel is eligible for the $100,000 prize instead — figuring it has a half-way decent chance against some of the competition.

Photo and caption via The New York Daily News