Howard Stern To Appear On Letterman, Thursday


Howard Stern announced on his Sirius satellite show this morning that he would do Late Night with David Letterman on Thursday. Stern has been on the air for the past month bemoaning the imposition on his swishy life.

Stern is, apparently, the only entertainer in the world who is ambivalent about appearing on Letterman. From Marksfriggin:

”(Bong Hit Bill) also asked Howard about going on Letterman and why he doesn’t want to do it. Howard said that they called his agent yesterday and asked him to come on Thursday. He said that they’re apparently really desperate to get guests over there. He said he told (superagent Don Buchwald) that he’d rather get it over with so he is going to do it tomorrow instead of next Monday. He said he’s not that happy about it but he will be on tomorrow night.”

Oh, it’s on … it’s on like Gray Poupon!

(image via AP/Richard Drew)