Howard Stern Show Reporter Pens Book on Mob Boss Whitey Bulger’s Trial

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If you’re not a regular listener to the “Howard Stern Show” on SiriusXM radio, you might not recognize the name Jon Leiberman. But, you should. As arguably one of the hardest working reporters in the city, Lieberman has now added the title of author to his already too-full resume.

Leiberman has co-authored, along with former criminal prosecutor and attorney Margaret McLean, “Whitey on Trial,” an up-to-the-minute account of the trial of Whitey Bulger, one of America’s most notorious mob bosses, who terrorized the city of Boston for decades while the FBI and the government stood idly by.

In the book, Lieberman offers up his first-person experience traveling the world with the FBI Bulger Task Force when Whitey was on the lam.

According to Leiberman, the book includes exclusive content such as:

  • A letter from Whitey Bulger to Margaret McLean
  • The only interview imprisoned FBI agent John Connolly has given about the Bulger trial in which he raises issues of Department of Justice cover-ups and documents still under executive seal
  • Interviews with jurors and key witnesses (including the dead witness right before he died)
  • Behind-the-scenes trial strategy from the prosecution and defense teams

The Bulger trial, which was oddly not televised, features elements that would easily make any big-screen production including nineteen gruesome murders, explosive testimony from convicted killers, a dead witness mid-trial, and evidence that the government, including the President, is shielding documents that would expose corruption at the highest levels within the Department of Justice today.

Leiberman’s former boss, John Walsh, creator and host of “America’s Most Wanted,” gave the book high praise. “Leiberman helped me hunt Whitey for years with passion for all of his victims,” Walsh said. “This book is truly an inside and compelling view of a legendary trial. McLean and Leiberman have written a must-read for true crime lovers.”

In addition to his current gig as investigative reporter for the Howard Stern Show, where he routinely uncovers all types of news important in the Stern Show universe, Leiberman is an award-winning investigative correspondent, host, producer and victim advocate.

He also now hosts his own topical news show, called “Leiberman Live” on Sirius XM, and is also a crime contributor for CNN HLN and a crime blogger for the Huffington Post. Leiberman even taught an investigative journalism class for Mediabistro back in 2011 that was attended by none other than Stern Show wack-packer High-Pitch Eric.

Although the majority of Leiberman’s reporting and commentary is dead-serious, some of his interviews with Stern Show personalities with names such as “Bobo,” “Bigfoot,” or “Angry Alice,” can test his journalistic patience.

For example, during a recent radio show, one of Lieberman’s guests was asked a question about Obama Care and the guest, who lives in upstate New York, replied that Obama Care “wouldn’t affect him because he didn’t live in the country.”

“I try to maintain a cool demeanor and treat all my guests as equally important,” Leiberman said. “No matter how outrageous my guests’ comments might be.”

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