Howard Stern’s WNBC Nemesis Passes Away

When broke the news of Kevin Metheny’s passing at age 60 in the Bay Area from a heart attack, the radio industry website respectfully made no mention of the fact that the 60-year-old heart attack victim was immortalized by Howard Stern in Private Parts as “Pig Vomit.”

However, much of the subsequent coverage – by the New York Daily News, TMZ and others – has bannered the WNBC program-director-days mockery. With TMZ opting for the original, pre-book moniker:


Chicago media critic Robert Feder, who met Metheny during the latter’s time with WGN, has shared some warm remembrances. And as he reminds, as recently as this spring via Twitter, the radio vet maintained a healthy sense of humor about the infamous Stern nickname:


Update (4:50 p.m.):
As expected, Stern noted Metheny’s death today on SiriusXM. From the Daily News:

Stern eulogized his old program director as a “Nazi vampire.” But, he added, he will miss him.

“He was the villain in my life,” Stern said. “It’s like Batman and The Joker.”