Howard Stern and CBS: Sirius settlement “very close”

You gotta give it to the New York Daily News.

Yes, they shamelessly milked JaredPaul-gate until the teat was cracked and bleeding, but they know how to break a scoop: The paper today dropped the bomb heard round the FM dial – Howard Stern and CBS are thisclose to a settlement over charges that Stern unjustly enriched himself and his future employer at the expense of CBS.

It’s a ridiculous claim: Of course he did. And of course he shouldn’t be penalized for it. Anyone at CBS who let Stern near a live mic even a minute after he made it clear he didn’t want to work there anymore was begging for this kind of treatment. The man called his old boss at WNBC “pig-vomit” for Chrissakes.

Really, Les? You’re appalled at his behavior?

Honstly, we’d be surprised if Sirius didn’t settle for twenty million or so, and the whole thing goes away.