Howard Kurtz Pimps his New Workplace

Howard Kurtz, Washington Bureau Chief for The Daily Beast and host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” is going on two consecutive weeks showcasing his new bosses on the CNN program he hosts. While that no doubt makes for a delightful workplace for him, viewers are getting a raw deal.

He rips competitor HuffPost for a questionable story on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough teaming up with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a presidential run in 2012 (a story a variety of publications including FishbowlDC wrote days earlier after Scarborough declared the story not even “super secretly” true). In the next breath, Kurtz defends and highlights Newsweek Editor Tina Brown of the newly merged Newsweek-Daily Beast. Last week he featured Brown and Newsweek Owner Sidney Harman and his perfectly crafted, charming sound bites. This week he again featured Brown. Yes, he discloses she is his boss as he defends his new workplace against the heavy critique of Real Estate mogul and Tribune Co. Chairman Sam Zell. Zell remarks that Newsweek isn’t exactly “major media” and says he’s not really familiar with The Daily Beast. He deserves a skeptic’s eye — under his leadership, the Tribune company filed for bankruptcy in 2008.  But here’s the downfall about interviewing a boss, Howie — Brown is your boss and no one should ever believe you’re unbiased about her unless you criticize her as you do the others.

How long viewers will be subjected to this pimping is anyone’s guess. Will there be a Newsweek-Daily Beast segment on Kurtz’s program each week? If so, may we suggest this waist-length fur so we can distinguish that segment from the rest.