How Works Skype Worm And How To Remove It

If you use Skype maybe you have received suspicious messages from your friends couple days ago which included link to the new Skye worm. I had, and I must say that it was spreading very quickly. Some of my friends noticed that it is a worm but from some I received these few strokes of chat message and link begging me to do download the worm.

Skype Journal made really nice picture to show how this Skype worm works and also giving a short insight to the future possibilities oh similar worms and damage they can bring.

Skype worm

Maybe this worm was something like test version of more advanced attacks and in future – similar worms can hold some ‘features’ for stealing info and user data from our computers and Skype accounts. While you can use tips how to remove this worm manually Skype programmers must really think about security aspects of the product or it may expect big problems in future.