How to Write a Kindle Single

Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Evan Ratliff, editor of the brand new long-form nonfiction publication, The Atavist.

During the long interview, Ratliff offered advice for publishers and authors looking to explore Amazon’s Singles program. He also explained how his boutique publishing house publishes long-form multimedia nonfiction in a time when outlets for long-form reporting are dying out.

Follow this link to listen to the interview. Currently, Atavist stories are available through iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Atavist app; through through Amazon’s new Kindle Singles collection; and on the Nook. Find out more at the publisher’s Twitter page.

He offered this advice: “It’s still early days. Everything that goes into your Amazon Single should not feel like it was tossed off from some other place. That’s something that doesn’t strike me as particularly successful, to say, ‘Here are a bunch of leftovers that we have from something else. Let’s turn it into a Kindle Single.”

He continued: “You should actually think about the form and the length, and create something that has a story arc or an essay that has meat to it that justifies that length. I think that length does make sense for a lot of pieces, but just taking something short and pumping it up to fit into the word length–that’s probably not going to work either.”