How to visualize your content with photo mosaics

Photo mosaics are a great way to visualize large amounts of content, yet many designers haven’t used them since their heyday in the late ’90s (example: The Truman Show poster).

Mosaics can be used a visual timeline, like this Madonna retrospective produced for Entertainment Weekly or, by importing a mosaic into Flash, can add an interactive element to the same idea like this Beyonce music video retrospective.

Visual news search engine 10×10 also uses an interactive photo mosaic to illustrate the news (more on the site here).

The aforementioned EW illustrations were created with AndreaMosaic, which is the best and most user-friendly software for creating mosaics. Simply download the free software, designate the folder of images to use, tweak some numbers and voila! — you’ve got a mosaic. Alternatively, IrfanView is also available for download.

There are also a few online tools for creating mosaics, including PicArtia, Pixisnap, Mosaic Maker (which also works with Flickr photos).

Or, if you just want to kill a little time and have fun with photo mosaics, there’s Montage-a-google. Enter a word or phrase and the app uses Google’s Image Search to create a montage of images. The service is down for repairs, but is definitely worth a bookmark.