How to Take Advantage of College: Start A Business

Why go to college and learn about magnetic fields or differential equations when you could start your own business, making money for the future? MediaShift has a rundown of those young visionaries in the media industry who used their time in the dormitory as a chance to create something new instead of listening to someone teach.
While some of these ambitious students might have lost a little edge in their GPA, does it really matter now?

“My schoolwork certainly took a beating as a result of College Humor,” said co-creator Josh Abramson to MediaShift. “I got so much more excited about building something real than working on a case study in business class or something like that… Every free second I had was spent working on the site. You know, when everyone else was in the library working on schoolwork, I was in my room, emailing Ricky [Van Veen], trying to sell an ad deal or something else specific to College Humor.”

Not a bad way to learn about the media industry. Also with the freedom of college, no bills, cheap food, rent-free living (for some), why not take advantage of the time and create something based on your passion?

That’s what Zephyr Basine, creator of the blog College Fashion, did. “I don’t think I could have started my site had I not been in college,” said Basine to MediaShift. “College is great because my parents paid for everything. I didn’t have to worry about meals. I didn’t have to worry about housing. And my classes were even really easy for me… So I could just work on my site all the time.”

I knew I should have done something better with my time outside of class; now I just feel lazy.

Photo by B*2