Showcase Your Creativity at This Historic Mag

SaturdayEveningPostSeeing as The Saturday Evening Post has been around for almost 300 years, one would assume the pub would become stale and archaic at some point. But no, this storied mag has evolved with time, and currently reports on the most important happenings in society, art, travel and culture.

The pub is 80 percent freelance written. So what kind of writing are the editors looking for? One word springs to mind: creativity.

[Steve Slon, editor-in-chief] is looking for intriguing features. Got an in with a hard-to-reach celebrity? Pitch a profile and watch your odds of landing a byline increase dramatically. Most important, though, is a spark of creativity that goes beyond basic (boring) journalism. “A good reporter is a good reporter, and certainly we need stories like that,” Slon said. “But I’m looking for someone who can bring something — a little depth, a little perception, a little more to the table than simply calling the top three experts in the field and reporting back.”

To hear more tips, including editors’ contact info, read: How To Pitch: The Saturday Evening Post.

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