How to Pick the Right Market for Your Writing

Nowadays, there are a plethora of pubs for a writer to send submissions to. Thousands of blogs, online magazines, newspapers, literary reviews, the list goes on. You may feel the urge to pitch them all, but it’s important to stop and think about your audience beforehand.

In the latest Mediabistro feature, veteran freelancers give their advice on picking the best market for your work. One main factor a freelancer should consider? Print vs. digital:

When considering whether to submit your work to online or print markets, there are a few key pros and cons for each. Koa Beck, editor-in-chief of, says that “digital often doesn’t pay as well as print, but you can respond to a current event in a super timely manner and have it go viral… if it resonates with people.” Although print does generally pay more, writing for print is a double-edged sword. Travel writer Susan Barnes states, “I have found for the most part that print pays more, but then again, that market is diminishing.” If you’re a new writer, it can be helpful to bolster your resume by getting published online before jumping into the more competitive world of print. Many popular magazines have online counterparts that are largely fed by the work of new freelancers as well.

To get more tips on how to pick the right market for you, read: Finding the Right Market for Your Work.

— Aneya Fernando

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