How to Manage Office Gossip to Your Advantage

bossPssst. Over here. That’s right, I said over here. Did you here the latest about so-and-so?

Sheesh! Have you ever gotten in the middle of office gossip, not even realizing innocent coffee talk could so quickly turn into malicious gossip?

Well, according to Simply Hired, there are a couple of ways to manage the grapevine and actually make it work for you.

1. Take it with a grain of salt. For starters, don’t believe everything you hear.

2. Get in the know. Maybe it’s your chance to not spread gossip but rather enlighten yourself? Sometimes the gossip may actually be true. The piece pints out to be observant, especially during lunchtime, of workplace chatter. We think this may be borderline of becoming the office snoop but if you’re going to work it, we guess you might as well go big, right? Cough.

“Don’t just eavesdrop – try to mingle and get on good terms with these people in order to stay up to date on the latest gossip. If your office has a culture where many employees befriend each other on social media channels, don’t hesitate to also explore this option.”

3. Spread good rumors. Okay, again this is from their blog post, not from our mouths but the piece points out leveraging office gossip to spread good news, too. After all, word if mouth is indeed powerful.

The piece suggestions emphasizing sharing triumphs and team or employee accomplishments: “If you use the grapevine properly, you can create a positive buzz around the office and about your company.”