How to Make the Most of a Vacation Without Thinking About the Office

Let’s face it: We love modern technology. Smart phones, iPads, laptops — the works.

However, when you want to go on a well-deserved vacation, these little devices could become our nemesis. The looming question remains: How can you physically detach when your in box is merely one press of the button away?

According to Eileen Zimmerman, “Career Couch” columnist for The New York Times, it can be done.

In one column, Dawn Fay, a district president in the NYC office of Robert Half International recommends planning ahead. “Make a plan that covers what you intend to finish before you leave, as well as the tasks that will be handled each day you are gone and by whom, so everyone knows their responsibilities.”

Plus, be sure to tell your clients you’ll be away and provide them with your colleague’s contact information in your absence. And technically as important as we think we are, the world will not stop if you’re on PTO for a few days. If you quickly log on once or twice to keep e-mails in motion and keep things moving forward to eliminate the Monday morning blues when you return to a bountiful in-box, we’re fine with it.

Just be sure when you’re out of the office, for the most part, your work is out of sight out of mind.