How To Know The Interviewer Isn’t Digging You

Alison Green’s compiled a list of 10 signs that could signify your interview isn’t going all that well.

Among them: mentioning the company is talking with lots of other candidates. (“Sometimes statements like this can be an attempt to tamp down your hopes.”) Interrupting. “If you notice it happening, make sure you change gears” because it could just be that you’re rambling, not that you’re necessarily a bad candidate. Focusing on areas where you don’t have skills, which could be their way of letting you down easy.

Oh, and “checking email, texting, or looking bored.” An interview who does this isn’t just not into you, s/he’s an asshole. Sorry.

The good news is that you can circumvent a lot of these signs and possibly (but not definitely) change an interviewer’s mind. If you have a great “I’m perfect for this job” closer, you can pull it out at the end of the interview and leave the interviewer with a positive impression.

And this tip from Monster seems to apply here: at some point, you can’t save the interview. But you can focus on what you can do afterward–send a great thank-you note that reiterates some of your key points. It ain’t over til its over.