How to Handle a Boss Who E-mails 24/7

Ah, we know this all too well. A boss sending e-mails at all hours of the morning, noon, and oh yes — night.

How can you demonstrate you’re a responsive employee while also creating boundaries so you don’t succomb to responding post-midnight?

According to The New York Post, Gregory Giangrande, chief human resources officer at Time, Inc., advises:


“First, make sure your boss expects a response at all hours — which, depending on your line of work, is highly unlikely. But demonstrating that you don’t create hard lines between being on and off duty is critical for long-term career success. Let’s not forget, the flip side of mobile technology is the flexibility it provides us not to be a slave to traditional in-office work hours. If you at least respond to a few late-night pings, you might be surprised at how quickly a bond may form with your new boss.”

Essentially, it’s important to remember technology doesn’t necessarily mean you need to log on 24/7 and respond even when the person at the other end of the e-mail is your boss. Sure, responding a few times may go along way but this is a good opportunity to create boundaries from your work and personal life so you’re not stressed out about responding to e-mails at midnight.