How to Effectively Turn Down an Internal Offer to Relocate

globePicture it. You’re working really hard and expecting a promotion. Congratulations, it’s now on its way! The only catch? It’s um…in another city. As in another state. As in you need to relocate.

According to a piece in today’s New York Post, there are several factors to consider when thinking about relocating.

Gregory Giangrande, human resources executive in the media industry, writes:

“Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer — the decision is totally unique to the individual. Declining a relocation doesn’t have to hurt your future prospects.”

He also reminds us to consider both professional and personal pros and cons to moving. By turning down an internal transfer, you’re not necessarily hurt your career for the long-term. Here’s the thing — you just need to make it clear to your employer if you turn it down you are willing to relocate in the future, “just not at this time.” Also, make it clear to your boss that you’re definitely focused on your career and committed to growth opportunities.

He adds, “Then, explain why this assignment or timing doesn’t work right now — but that you are open to such opportunities in the future.”