How To Do A Correction on Twitter

Typos, wrong dates, misspelled names and a congresswoman’s health: you tweet what you know to be correct at the time. Then you find out something else. As a journalist – as a news organization what do you do?

Tough one.

Scott Rosenberg at Word Yard says to correct the tweet and don’t delete. Yes, that’s all well and good until someone RTs your original tweet and then the false info, type etc is out there again – completely uncorrected and seemingly uncorrectable.

But Rosenberg brings up a good point. He writes:

Better yet is the idea floated by “Being Wrong” author Kathryn Schulz (@wrongologist) in this Poynter interview by Mallary Jean Tenore: “Why not have a ‘correct’ function (like the ‘reply’ and ‘retweet’ functions) that would automatically send a correction to everyone who had retweeted something that contained an error?”

What do you guys think? Do you personally deleted tweets with typos? Do you think NPR who incorrectly called Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ death should delete that tweet? What’s the most informative and transparent thing to do?