How to Deal With the Gross Office Refrigerator

pizzaAs you know, oh faithful reader, we cover a variety of topics on MJD ranging from salary negotiations to dealing with an unruly boss to office etiquette. As such, we need to touch upon a not-so-pleasant topic today: the communal refrigerator.

According to “Ask Annette” on, “The office refrigerator often becomes a free-for-all, a frontier, the domain of pioneers who will stop at nothing to stake their claim on the precious tundra inside.”

So, yes while some aspects of the communal frig can focus on keeping your coveted food and snacks for yourself as no one swipes them, another topic centers around food that grows stale. (Dare we say moldy? Ick.)

Her recommendation? Try purging on “Fridge Friday.” Everyone can participate emptying out their ham sandwich from Monday and uneaten expired yogurt.
She writes in the piece:

“Open the door to no-one’s land and listen to the gasps and squeals. Record them into a tape loop to play on the corporate intranet. Marvel at the assortment of colors and shapes. Pass items around for group inspection and horror. Take turns guessing who contributed what. Point fingers and name names. Make sure each person gets to discard something, wipe a shelf, or in some other way leave a mark on the festivities.”

So, in a way this ritual can serve two purposes, she says. For starters, it will accomplish the task of cleaning out the refrigerator on a regular basis for vacant spots on Monday mornings and secondly, it will “create deep bonds within your corporate community.”