How to Create Web 2.0 Logo

One of the steps developing web 2.0 project is creating logo – face of the project/site that will be the first thing that people will recognize. It is very important to have creative, clever and unique logo, because that means that more people will remember it together with your offered service or website that you have. If you don’t consider yourself very creative the best thing to do is to trust experienced designers who will create logo for you, but of course, it cost money and there is always risk that designers wouldn’t understand completely your needs.

As I’m design student of course it is challenge for me to create logos and if you also feel that you have some ideas to be realized maybe it is time to start create something and this article may help you a bit.

– You should start with reading – Logo design guide by Breadline Design is one of the most complete articles that I have read about logo design. You will find there a lot of information about philosophy of logo design and also few tricks for designers together with examples.

– Learning from the best. LogoPond – website where you can find big number of logos created by designers and this maybe can help you to catch some ideas which will help you develop better logos. In this resource is listed portfolios of logo designers and this means that you allways will be on the wave. At DaviDairey you can read interesting article how good are LogoPond’s logos? with some nice picks from LogoPond.

That’s about enough to begin make logos, but of course you need do learn and educate yourself forth to become a good designer. Finding new web resources that can help you in this work is big advantage and I would be very happy if you share your experience here with others – if you new some good online resources of logo design add a comment.

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